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It's insane that I'm even excited about this...

So [last night] I'm looking through the new Delias catalogue, saw some cute things I want, but I really hate ordering clothes this way b/c I can't try them on. I looked through it about 5 times and decided I was going to order them anyway, that if they really just don't fit I can return them. So I looked on the back cover to see if they were offering any shipping deals.

It said "Please take this coupon to our new store opening..." I'm like oh ok, b/c they would never open a store in NH..but then the words "Pheasant Lane Mall" caught my eye. WHAT! What?! So I read it through over and over each time ending in "OH MY GOD!" So yes, by the end of April there will be a Delias 20 minutes away from me!!!!!!!!!
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