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Oh believe it.
Yes, more problems.

Ok so my dad somehow managed to completely fix the dent. He is awesome in that way. Unfortunately it had cracked a few days earlier, so he repaired the crack with fiberglass patch and it reinforced it in the wheel well etc. Great awesome, considering that the ins. company only gave me $600 for repairs. I gave him some money for spending all day fixing the bumper. Other than the slight crack line, it looks completely new.

Well about 2 weeks ago I noticed a horrible noise coming from my car. My dad just assumed it was the drive belt, since it was at 80,000 mi now, it was time to replace it anyways. So he replaces that ($50 for a belt).

UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!! So he said he would drive it just to make sure the noise was gone. He was out for roughly 15 minutes when he called to say he was coming back b/c whatever that noise is, is a really, really bad noise.

*big sigh*

So he says that it's definetly the cv joint or the ball bearing, that the girl must have hit my tire as well (it's that tire). Ugh so we leave my car Sunday, they call him back this morning to say that it will be $440 to fix it, which he knows is high but since it's such an involved job that it's worth going to the dealership for. It's not just the CV Joint and Ball Bearing, but the whole Wheel area needs all new parts...

But then, hHAHAHAHAHAH THEN BECAUSE IT REALLY COULDN'T GET WORSE they said I need a new manifold and that's why my car runs hot and something maybe with the head gasket and that will be another $700!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah $1,100 of my money that I have been saving for school is now gonna hafta go to this fucking crapbox. My Dad could fix it so much cheaper, but unfortunately he's going back to FL today (he was only home for 5 days).

I SERIOUSLY FUCKING HATE MY CAR! Do you understand this? To sell it I have to fix it. It's just this big huge money drain.
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