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[Hair] Vindication

Ok, so it happened this morning.

A group of visitors from Taiwan were in my lobby. I got nervous b/c one girl caught me out of the corner of her eye, then turned and went "oooooo" so then all turned and looked at me. Then they started nodding and talking fast. I thought they were talking about my eyes for some reason, but I wasn't sure. So Wilton who I have met a couple of times now and is very friendly said "They saying how much they like your hair" I was surprised, I looked at them unsure and one of them goes "YOUR HAIR IS SO SUPER CUTE!" the others started nodding excitedly (some even made diagonal motions across their foreheads) and I just got quite red and said thankyou.

How is this vindication you ask? Because my goal all along has been Anime hair, hair that I see on specials about Asia (they always have cool hair with lots of choppy, fluffy layers), cool Asian rockstar hair. so. YEAH!
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