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Bath & Body Works

So some of you may know that they recently had their big semi-annual sale.

I fell victim to this sale. Yes victim...to my own wreckless spending.

I bought 40 items! Totalling $150 over the course of 2 days.

Of course, I won't need to shop there for the rest of the year.

I bought scents in anticipation of others birthdays etc. So not all just for myself.

One interesting thing though was they had their "classics" collection available at only $4 for full size bottles. Somehow I failed to realize they were classics and not new scents, or I would've stocked up on those. (it's kind of weird though b/c I've been going there for years and never noticed those scents)

The creamy coconut is beyond amazing. I'm not sure why it was retired. I know everybody loves coconut lime verbena; but I personally think it smells too similiar to sunblock. The creamy coconut smells (I started to type taste) just like a real coconut, which has an almost pineapple undertone. In short, I'm in love.

Another scent I found that I truly adore is cool citrus basil. Honestly it reminds me of Irish Spring soap; just so clean and refreshing.

And at their next semi-annual sale > I hope they offer their classics at $4 and if so I will be stocking up.

haha am I a nerd or what?
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